Computer Forensics
MD5 LTD have built a reputation as one of the leading Computer Forensics companies in the UK.
We have the expertise to recover reliable crucial evidence from the investigation of computers, servers and hard drives as part of a variety of case types. ... Read More
Mobile Phone Forensics
Established since 2003, MD5 have an extensive amount of knowledge in mobile phone forensics including advanced method procedures. Continuing research and development allows us to stay abreast of the latest software updates in order to extend our capabilities.

Our Mobile Phone Forensic analysts are able to interrogate a vast range of devices from older generation feature phones to the latest smart phones. ... Read More
eDiscovery eDisclosure
MD5’s eDiscovery/eDisclosure Services provides our clients with proportionate, defensible outcomes where large volumes of data are stored in computers, mobile phones, and the Cloud.

MD5 are pleased to have been awarded a place on the new Crown Commercial Service Framework G-Cloud 13 for the provision of Cloud Services for eDisclosure/eDiscovery. ... Read More
eForensics combines MD5’s expertise in digital forensics, data analytics and electronic review tools.

Should the forensics investigation discover high volumes of data, eForensics establishes the facts of a case in much shorter timescales. ... Read More
Fraud Data Theft and IP Disputes
MD5 are experts in Fraud, Data Theft and Intellectual Property data investigations, providing crucial digital evidence to assist organisations in establishing the facts. ... Read More
VFC Triage Service
MD5 Triage Service is a unique time and cost saving solution when faced with multiple recovered computer devices, when most of the devices do not contain any information of relevance.  ... Read More