Legal, Accountancy and Insolvency Services

Commercial Disputes & Investigations
MD5 supports businesses and their legal, accounting and HR advisers with expertise in digital investigations and eDisclosure services; covering a wide range of cases that include:


  • Commercial Litigation
  • Fraud / Business Crime
  • Intellectual Property/Trade Secrets
  • Employment Cases
  • Fraud and Business Crime
  • Insolvency
  • Internal Investigations
  • Tax & Regulatory Investigations



Digital Forensics

We have considerable expertise and experience in discovering reliable evidence in the ever-changing digital environment. We investigate computers, mobile phones, cloud data and internet activity in order to:


  • Investigate the chain of digital events.
  • Recover accidentally or intentionally deleted documents.
  • Unlock devices and decrypt documents.
  • Discover “smoking gun” documents & emails.
  • Authenticate original digital documents.
  • Identify evidence from web-browsing, social media, webmail and other Internet activity.


eDiscovery / eDisclosure
MD5’s eDisclosure service provides our clients with proportionate, defensible outcomes for everyday as well as complex commercial cases. 


Our experienced eDisclosure team helps our clients to meet the challenge of the increasing volumes of data stored in computers, mobile phones, and the Cloud.


Reviewers with little experience of eDisclosure find our online review platform intuitive and easy to use. State of the art technology assisted review (TAR) and predictive coding technologies provide the power to deal with high volumes of documents.

eForensics combines MD5’s expertise in digital forensics, data analytics and electronic review tools.  Should the forensics investigation discover high volumes of data, eForensics establishes the facts of a case in much shorter timescales.


Unique Triage Service

Fraud and insolvency investigations often require that multiple computers are forensically imaged to ensure that no evidence is overlooked.
MD5’s unique inhouse software enables our analyst  to quickly identify which devices contain any potentially relevant information. Non-relevant devices  can be eliminated from the investigation and the eDisclosure process, saving time and cost.