Criminal Defence

MD5 Ltd are highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of criminal law cases from fraud to the more sensitive cases such as murder and sexual offences. All examinations are carried out in our ISO accredited lab 9359 Schedule of Accreditation (Click to view). using recognised forensic software to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines.


Our services are invaluable for  all aspects of criminal defence cases, including complex criminal cases ( VHCCs) such as:


  • Drug offences
  • Sexual offences
  • Fraud
  • Theft
  • Murder & Manslaughter Charges
  • Assault offence


Computer Investigations
We retrieve reliable crucial evidence, including the recovery of deleted data, from the investigation of computers, servers and hard  answer the ‘Who, What, When and Where’  questions in each case, analysing the prosecution findings against our own.


Mobile Phones & Tablets
MD5’s has extensive knowledge of mobile phone forensics ranging from older generation feature phones to the latest smart phones and tablets. We recover and analyse live and deleted data including images, documents, emails and social media messages.
Our Advanced Data Recovery  (ADR) procedures recover evidence where the standard forensic process is ineffective e.g.  for PIN/Pattern/Password protected phones or damaged/non-working handsets. 


Forensic Reports / Expert Witness
MD5 have vast experience producing witness statements and attending court, providing expert witness testimony, as well as explaining complex technical findings in simplified, understandable language.


Legal Aid
Our work is fully legal aid compliant and we work to 7, 14 and 28 day turnaround timescales

We provide clear concise quotations with a full breakdown of charges to help secure funding without delay.

Our costs are fully compliant with Legal Aid rates including VHCC (very high cost criminal) cases 

Cell site Analysis
Places mobile devices at a specific location at a specific time through examination of Call Data Records (CDRs) kept by the mobile phone networks.
Provides  alternative interpretations of existing reports.
Surveys mobile networks to map out true network coverage