Fraud, Data Theft and IP Disputes

MD5 are experts in Fraud, Data Theft and Intellectual Property disputes, providing crucial digital evidence to assist data owners with disputes that could have a devastating effect on their business


Disputes examples include:


  • Unauthorised data copying/theft from business including customer databases, pricing structures, company policies, software source code etc.
  • Unauthorised modification of data such as sales records, accounts and employee records 
  • Unauthorised access to email, websites, VPN, databases or similar
  • Data ownership disputes


Data Preservation

If there is a dispute relating to fraud or data theft, or any other unauthorised access or use of your data, it is imperative to preserve the evidence, in order to avoid overwriting/changing any vital information, by making a forensic image of the digital devices concerned. These should include those used by or belonging to the suspect individual(s) e.g. laptops, computers, mobile phones, tablets etc. Steps should also be taken to preserve any data held in the Cloud.


A forensic image is an exact replica of the original device. It is replicated using forensic software and there is no connection to a network so that the original metadata is preserved. Once the data is preserved the device is then available for use as normal.


How can we help?

MD5 have extensive experience in investigating fraud and data theft. Our analysts have considerable expertise in discovering reliable evidence in the ever-changing digital environment. We investigate computers, mobile phones, cloud data and internet activity in order to:



  • Discover unauthorised access
  • Investigate the chain of digital events inf=volved in Fraud and Data Theft.
  • Recover intentionally deleted documents.
  • Discover “smoking gun” documents & emails.
  • identify evidence from web-browsing, social media, webmail and other Internet activity.