eDiscovery / eDisclosure

MD5’s eDiscovery/eDisclosure Services provides our clients with proportionate, defensible outcomes where large volumes of data are stored in computers, mobile phones, and the Cloud.
We have tailored MD5’s eDisclosure service to meet the requirements of all types and scale of cases. Our project managers and analysts are experienced in supporting review teams who may have infrequent or little experience of eDisclosure.


MD5 has vast amounts of experience in cost effective eDisclosure service provision to law enforcement, government departments and leading law, accountancy and insolvency practices. Through a wide variety of cases we have been able to develop a versatile service that is adaptable to different case types including:


  • Commercial Litigation
  • Insolvency Investigations
  • Forensic Accounting
  • White Collar Crime Investigations
  • Criminal Defence
  • Law Enforcement Investigations


MD5 are pleased to have been awarded a place on the new Crown Commercial Service Framework G-Cloud 13 for the provision of Cloud Services for eDiscovery/eDisclosure.




Strategy / Data Collection
Our eDisclosure team applies considerable experience to assist our clients in meeting the challenge of the increasing volumes of data stored in computers, mobile phones, and the Cloud. Our Project Manager will advise on a cost-effective strategy that identifies and collects relevant electronically stored information with minimal disruption to the organisation.


De-Duplication and application of date range
Removing duplicate documents and  documents outside the timeframe for investigation will considerably reduce the amount of data  requiring processing and consequently the cost


Online Review
Our easy-to-use secure online review platform enables reviews to be conducted from multiple locations and time zones. Highly collaborative features to allow users to easily share information with the other members of the review team. 24/7 access to the online review platform means this can be accessed remotely from any device with an internet connection.


The system is configured to meet the needs of your project; together, with its intuitive design, enables even inexperienced review teams to quickly achieve efficient review rates.


Processing and Data Reduction
State-of-the-art processing technology analyses and filters out documents that are ineligible for review. This automatically analyses and groups data, removes identifies near duplicates and email threads.  Application of filters eliminates documents that are not relevant and significantly reduces the amount of data going forward to online review.



MD5 assist with all aspects of the production process including organisation of data into suitable folders, templates for multiple productions, including disclosure lists, automated mass redactions, MG statement formats and providing the productions into either native, pdf or tiff format.


Fraud and insolvency investigations often require that multiple computers are forensically imaged to ensure that no evidence is overlooked.


MD5’s unique inhouse software enables our analyst  to quickly identify which devices contain any potentially relevant information. Non-relevant devices  can be eliminated from the investigation and the eDisclosure process, saving time and cost.