Computer Forensics

MD5 LTD have built a reputation as one of the leading Computer Forensics companies in the UK. We have the expertise to recover reliable crucial evidence from the investigation of computers, servers and hard drives as part of a variety of case types.


All Digital Investigations are carried out in accordance with our ISO 17025 Accreditation, using recognised forensic software, to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines. Any court case can rely our examination results without reservations.


MD5 are accredited to ISO 17025:2017 for the physical capture and preservation of data from Computers and digital storage devices. Further details regarding the current scope of our accredited laboratory activities can be located at 9359 Schedule of Accreditation.


Digital Evidence Investigation   Sources of Evidence

Over the past 20 years our computer forensics  expertise has aided  Legal, Corporate and Law Enforcement investigations for a variety of case types:


  • Indecent Images
  • Crime, Drug & People Trafficking
  • Money Laundering
  • Intellectual Property Theft
  • Fraud and Business Crime
  • Insolvency
  • Internet Investigations
  • Tax Investigations
  • Employee Disputes

MD5 examiners have the ability to recover and analyse live and deleted data using a wide range of forensic tools and in-house processes.


  • Operating system artefacts
  • Images and Movies
  • Internet Browsing
  • Communication Data e.g. Skype, Yahoo!
  • Emails
  • Documents
  • iOS Mobile Phone Backups
  • Recently accessed files
  • Connected Devices
  • Raid Configurations
  • Deleted Data