eForensics combines MD5’s expertise in digital forensics, data analytics and electronic review tools.  Should the forensics investigation discover high volumes of data, eForensics establishes the facts of a case in much shorter timescales.


Forensic Analysis
Our digital forensics team examine logs, document folders, and email containers for evidence on computer drives & other digital devices. We recover files that have been accidentally or intentionally deleted. 

Our forensic analysts have the technical expertise to retrieve file fragments and other digital artefacts. We investigate mobile phones & tablets to discover evidence in messaging, email, photos, video and geolocation content.

Data Processing & Analytics
Our eForensics analysts then apply sophisticated technology to remove duplicate documents and filter out non-relevant files and documents to significantly reduce the amount of data that is searched for evidence. 


Online Review & Evidence Identification
The reduced dataset is then uploaded to our easy to use online review platform  to enable the client’s investigation team to quickly identify relevant sources of evidence.


The system is configured to meet the needs of your project. This, together with its intuitive design, enables even inexperienced review teams to quickly achieve efficient review rates and quickly identify relevant sources of evidence.


Unique Triage Service

Fraud and insolvency investigations often require that multiple computers are forensically imaged to ensure that no evidence is overlooked.
MD5’s unique inhouse software enables our analyst to quickly identify which devices contain any potentially relevant information. Non-relevant devices can be eliminated from the investigation and the eDisclosure process, saving time and cost.