Criminal Defence

Knowledge and Experience

Led by an ex Criminal Defence Solicitor, MD5 Ltd are highly experienced in dealing with a wide variety of criminal law cases from fraud to the more sensitive cases such as murder and sexual offences.

Our fully comprehensive reports leave no stone unturned and piece together the ‘who, what, where and why’ in each case including the recovery of deleted data analysing the prosecution findings against our own.

Highly experienced analysts can interrogate digital devices such as mobile phones, tablets, computers and satellite navigation systems for data in regards to communication, hidden assets, photographic evidence, internet browsing history etc. We are able to extract any recoverable deleted data.

Our dedicated research and development team are always investigating the latest technology ensuring our capabilities meet the demand of our clients. Due to this extensive research we are able to repair/reconstruct damaged devices and offer unique advanced method procedures including:

  • Passcode cracking
  • Flash Memory Chip Removal (FMCR)
  • Flash Memory Chip Transplant (FMCT)
  • JTAG
  • In-system programming (ISP)

This gives piece of mind that if there is any crucial information available we will find it.

We also offer a Cell Site service through a partner agency. This can place mobile devices at a specific location at a specific time. Consequently giving provision of alternative interpretations of existing reports and surveys of mobile networks to map out true network coverage.

All examinations are carried out in our ISO accredited lab using recognised forensic software to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines.

MD5 Ltd employees have Security Clearance, experience in dealing with sensitive cases and are fully trained for court attendance where and when required.

Deadlines and Costs

We provide clear concise quotations with a full breakdown of charges to help secure funding without delay.

Efficient collection of exhibits from prosecuting forces.

MD5 are fully compliant with Legal Aid Agency fees.

Very proficient at dealing with last minute challenges and deadlines.

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MD5 were able to extract vital contact details from a severely fire damaged phone this proved extremely important in identifying who the phone belonged to.

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  • Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
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