Law Enforcement / Government Agency


At MD5 Ltd we offer all advance and unique Digital Forensic Services dedicated to the Law Enforcement & Government Agencies such as:

  • Digital Forensics (computers, games consoles, tablets, mobile phones, cameras, sat-nav devices and removable media)
  • Virtual Forensic Computing – Software (time-saving, forensic virtualisation tool)
  • eForensics (combines electronic disclosure with digital forensics; excellent for LPP; Cyber Essentials Plus certified solution)
  • Legal Review
  • Hard Copy to Digital Document Conversion
  • Cell Site Analysis (tracing movements retrospectively using network connection data)
  • Data Recovery (including repairs to mobile phones, memory cards, USB & hard disk drives)


MD5 co-founder and current-day Director is a former Financial Investigator for South Yorkshire Police and the National Crime Squad’s – Money Laundering Investigation Team (MLIT). After which, he then went on to lead Digital Forensics for the National Crime Squad for 6 years before setting up MD5 Ltd in 2003.

Key posts at MD5 continue to be occupied by former Police Digital Forensic Unit Manager(s), providing valuable Law Enforcement experience.

Having worked alongside various government and UK Law Enforcement agencies, MD5 have the skills and experience to support numerous major court cases. For over a decade we have carried out mobile phone examinations for the Metropolitan Police Service and provide digital forensic support for many more Law Enforcement agencies including:

  • The Home Office
  • The UK Insolvency Service
  • The Environment Agency
  • The National Crime Agency
  • Various non-geographic and territorial UK Police Forces

Data Recovery

MD5 are renowned for Advanced Data Recovery techniques, due to these skills we can successfully recover data from severely compromised handsets that have been fire-damaged, salvaged from riverbeds or buried underground for long periods of time. Furthermore, we regularly repair and recover data from a wide range of primary data storage devices; which have suffered corruption or physical failure, as a result, full data from a recent CCTV Hard Disk Drive was retrieved from a HGV involved in a high profile fatal road collision.

Virtual Forensic Computing (VFC)

VFC originally created in 2005 as an “in house tool” only; as a result, realising the potential of the software MD5 took the innovation to release the software to the forensic community worldwide.

VFC enables Digital Forensic Investigators to view a suspect’s machine in its native environment, as a result is an essential tool in every Computer Forensic Investigator’s toolbox. Therefore, VFC can be found in the majority of Law Enforcement and Government agencies and Corporate Digital Forensics organisations around the world.

For further information please refer to the Software Page .

To enhance our eForensics & eDisclosure Services, MD5 uses VFC by enabling extraction and analysis of legible, structured database information in its native format; or as easily exportable and readable Excel files.

eForensics / eDisclosure

Our eForensics service combines our expertise in eDisclosure alongside our many years’ experience providing Digital Forensics support to the Law Enforcement sector.

  • Problematic LPP is handled simply and efficiently.
  • 24/7 access to evidence means officers can work anywhere, anytime
  • Travel costs are minimal due to the use of an online review portal
  • Secure internet protocols and security measures protect sensitive data
  • No further investment required for expensive forensic software

MD5 are a supplier on the Crown Commercial Service’s RM3717 framework for the supply of eDisclosure services.

Agile, Professional Response

MD5 can deliver on the following turn around times: 1, 7, 14 or 28 days, or work to fixed long-term contracts.

Our capabilities, experience and capacity often exceeds local resources.

Easily located, secure vetted premises close to the M1/M62.

MD5 follow ISO-accredited processes and procedures.

Cyber Essentials Plus certification for our online review and eForensics solution.

Our experienced experts can produce full witness statements, or streamlined forensic reports (SFRs) dependant on the clients requirements.

Quality Assurance

We carry out all our examinations in our ISO accredited lab using recognised forensic software consequently evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines.

All MD5 employees have Security Clearance, experience in dealing with sensitive cases; plus fully trained for court attendance where and when required.

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Your assistance and eDisclosure package was very useful, it enabled me to fully review all the documents from the computers and was made available to the defence during the service of the papers.

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