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September 2017

MD5 LTD are pleased to announce a further update to VFC4. The following features and functions are now available on the latest version, VFC

  • A large number of additional Password Bypass routines added for Windows 10 systems and legacy Windows systems.
  • The Modify Hardware feature has been updated following feedback from customers. As a result users have the option to choose the drive interface; by default this will be IDE but it can be changed to either Buslogic (for WinXP systems and below) or LSILogic (for WinVista and above).

MD5 LTD are attending Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference.
September 18-20, 2017 San Antonio, TX, USA

Techno Security & Digital Forensics Conference

June 2017

MD5 LTD are pleased to announce a new update to VFC4 – latest version is now

March 2017

MD5 LTD offer an Advanced Chip Removal method specifically for the Samsung Galaxy S6’s & S7’s Series. This series of handsets contain the new UFS chip set, which cannot be read with traditional chip readers, therefore, MD5 have developed new procedures, techniques with specialist equipment to proceed a full physical image of the UFS Flash Memory chip.

September 2016

MD5 LTD have now launched Virtual Forensic Computing 4 (VFC4). Version 4 is a more powerful and faster version of VFC. This new, next-generation product contains a number of enhanced, improved and brand new features which have been requested for development by our valued customers.