"MD5 were able to extract vital contact details from a severely fire damaged phone this proved extremely important in identifying who the phone belonged to."

Advanced Capability

Recovery of data from mobile phones, tablets and other digital devices. Expert analysis to recover crucial deleted data.

Specialists and UK leading experts in chip off examinations.

Bypass handset locks to recover more data.

Expert Witness

Registered Expert Witnesses.

Deep understanding of the methodologies and potential limitations of investigations undertaken by both sides.
Ability to provide evidence of opinion as well as fact.

Reports easily understood by a non-technical audience.

Vast experience of presenting evidence at court.

Cell Site Analysis

Place mobile devices at a specific location at a specific time. Provision of alternative interpretations of existing reports.

Surveys of mobile networks to map out true network coverage.


Experienced in planning and executing proportionate strategies. Transparent pricing models ensures cost predictability and control. Clear quotes, easy to understand.