eForensics & eDisclosure

 eForensics & eDisclosure Services at MD5 Ltd

The eForensics & eDisclosure process is flexible depending on the requirements set by the client to assist with investigations into:

  • Commercial litigation
  • Intellectual property
  • Employment cases
  • Money Laundering, Fraud and Business Crime
  • Insolvency
  • Internet investigations
  • Tax Investigations
  • Drug & People Trafficking

MD5 Ltd employees have Security Clearance, experience in dealing with sensitive cases plus fully trained for court attendance where and when required.

Data is secure throughout the whole process, due to MD5 accreditation to ISO 27001 for Data Security and Cyber Essentials Plus Certification.

A ‘two factor authentication’ can be implement, to allow access to the Online Review Platform to ensure all data is protected.

The eForensics & eDisclosure Process

Data Collection

Expert investigators are available to perform onsite collections.

All practises adhere to ACPO guidelines.

Continuity of evidence preservation means if evidence is called into question, forensic practises will have been adhered to and the evidence cannot be disregarded.

Early Case Assessment

Advanced analytic software helps you gain early insight into the dataset and costs.

Experienced Project managers help you to get the most out of your case.

The process can assist you to meet the demands of the Jackson Reforms.


Powerful processing software utilised throughout.

In-house processes allow us to narrow down your dataset; removing non-relevant files.

Refined filtering ensures that you reach the data that is relevant to your case faster.

Translation of a variety of document types is available.

Virtualisation of the system allows investigators to interrogate programs such as Microsoft Access and QuickBooks.

Online Review Platform

  • Review data from anywhere, at any time.
  • Graphics available that help to summarise data.
  • 24/7 support with any issues.

Post Review

Further investigation and provenance of findings by experienced investigators available.

Productions allow us to exhibit files that are ready to, as a result these can be use as evidence in court.

Investigators who are available to deliver technical evidence in layman’s terms at Tribunals, Civil & Criminal Courts.

For more information, on how we can assist with your case, view our eForensics Brochure

TestimonialLeader of international drug and money laundering ring jailed for 27 years.

I was very satisfied with MD5's performance in relation to the recent eDisclosure exercise with which they assisted.

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