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About MD5 – Data Recovery

MD5 provide expert data recovery and computer forensic services tailored to the needs of our clientele.  Above all our expertise lies in the ability to recover data from a wide range of primary data storage devices which have suffered corruption or physical failure.

We conduct a Free no obligation evaluation on any item you submit, therefore, we will be able to give you an accurate quotation before you decide to proceed.

Our dedicated research and development team are always investigating the latest technology, ensuring our capabilities meet the demand of our clients. As a result to this extensive research, we are able to repair/reconstruct damaged devices and offer unique advanced method procedures.

All examinations are carried out in our ISO accredited lab using recognised forensic software to ensure evidence is preserved and analysed in accordance with the ACPO guidelines.

MD5 Ltd employees have Security Clearance, experience in dealing with sensitive cases plus fully trained for court attendance where and when required.

Free diagnosis* for the recovery of data. *Free diagnosis is based on the assumption the hard disk drive casing has not been opened; if applicable an open drive fee will be charged. 

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Types of Recovery Available

Hard Disk Drives and Solid State Drives

  • Recovery from common faults such as non detection, clicking or a complete disk failure.
  • Data recovery available on internal & external formats, for a wide variety of connection types including IDE, SATA & USB.

USB Connected Storage

  • Portability of these devices often results in dropping, washing or crushing. Our  data recovery services aim to restore the inaccessible data.

Memory Cards

  • The high capacity of memory cards can result in leaving digital photographs on the card; however should the unfortunate failure of the media occur, all of those images would be lost.

CCTV Recorders

  • Home and business security has increased with CCTV no longer an expensive option. Should the recording unit fail, key footage may be held out of reach.
  • MD5 aim to recover the recordings as well as offer the option for decoding for viewing on a standard PC.

Mobile Devices

  • The current models of mobile phone include just about everything needed digitally; included high resolution cameras, email facilities and other personal information storage.
  • Damage to mobile devices happens but MD5 aim to obtain the stored data in a process that is both preservative for the data and cost effective for you.