Corporate and Employment Sectors


Founded by a former Financial Investigator for first South Yorkshire Police and then National Crime Squad’s Money Laundering Investigation Team (MLIT) who went on to lead Digital Forensics for the National Crime Squad for 6 years.
MD5 Support numerous Legal 100 law firms & leading Accountancy Practices.
Wide range of cases including Criminal & Civil,  litigation, regulatory, fraud, employment and IP.


We understand the importance of the following:

  • Ensuring minimal disruption to business continuity.
  • Simple reports that can be easily understood by the whole board not just technical staff.
  • Quick response.
  • Discreet service.
  • Proportionate response and budget.

Ideally Placed

We are ideally placed to be an integral part of your corporate investigation’s team, working with you in areas of litigation, regulatory enquiries and employee investigations.

VFC has become an essential tool in our forensic investigator's toolkit. It provides investigators an insight into the suspect's perspective by actually seeing the user's desktop, settings and user environment. Screen captures from the suspect's ‎environment add significant weight to the forensic report when describing how the suspect utilized the computer to facilitate the crime. VFC is truly a tool that I rely upon and use in all my computer investigations!

  • Crown Commercial Service Supplier
  • XERA iConect
  • NEWA 2017
  • VFC4
  • Cyber Essentials Plus Certified
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  • Sherlock Oxygen Forensics
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