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MD5 LTD were able to carry out and Advanced ISP on a pattern locked Motorola XT1524 Using advanced ISP method; MD5 were able to recover data from the locked Motorola that the defendant would not give up. This procedure requires disassembling of the handset but does not destroy the device; enabling a connection to be made […]

New VFC4 Update Available to Download NOW! MD5 are pleased to announce a further update to VFC4. The following features and functions are now available on the latest version, VFC A large number of additional Password Bypass routines for Windows 10 systems and legacy Windows systems have been added. The Modify Hardware feature has been updated following feedback […]

MD5 LTD received an urgent request to examine a locked Samsung Galaxy S4 (GT-I9505) The locked Samsung Galaxy S4 was locked by the network. The examination and report was required to be turned around for the next day therefore, the handset had not been previously examined by other parties. Whilst the officer waited; the lock […]

MD5 LTD were able to provide an advanced statement on exhibits previously examined. The client contacted MD5 with specific data in regards to their case, requesting an advanced statement.  Therefore, the expert analyst was able to then take a more detailed look at the data MD5 had previously supplied to the client. Thus, enabling the […]

Advanced Flash Memory Chip Removal – Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus MD5 LTD examined a pattern locked Samsung Galaxy, S6 Edge Plus, SM-G928F, that the defendant would not give up. Using Advanced Flash Memory Chip Removal were able to obtain communication between suspects of an attempted murder case. The specific method for this Samsung Galaxy […]

MD5 were asked to show the provenance of a prohibited image file, on a HTC mobile phone handset. The prohibited image file was a cache embedded file shown to be inaccessible by the user. No data was stored within the image and unique HEX data was taken from the parent file. Our analyst then searched through […]

Advanced Chip Removal method for Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge Series MD5 offer an Advanced Chip Removal method specifically for these Samsung Galaxy Series. This series of handsets contain the new UFS chip set, which cannot be read with traditional chip readers. MD5 have developed new procedures, techniques with specialist equipment to […]

XBOX 360 E successful examination performed at MD5 LTD An XBOX 360 E successful examination was carried out at MD5. We were advised that the examination could not be done. Furthermore, our analysts could obtain the files, Internet history and search terms used. As a result, due to extensive research and development this was a […]

Has your iPhone been hacked without your knowledge? At MD5 our analyst are able to determine if Spyware has been installed on your iPhone and is running silently in the background, therefore allowing someone to view all your data! Contact us for more information by emailing