• “I found your demonstration most useful as it is an area I have been discussing with a colleague and how we would be able to utilise the standalone VM to assist in communicating evidence to lay people. The addition to be able to stitch in a second drive is a brilliant addition to the product as we are now able to fully replicate the users environment rather than just their Windows installation drive. I was scratching my head as to why a user in the wild would ever want to put their paging file on another drive and can happily confirm that I have never seen it but I’m more confident we can overcome the issue thanks to your input.”

  • “VFC is a very useful tool for us as the screenshots we can show a jury far outweigh simply writing about a topic.”

  • “VFC has become an essential tool in our forensic investigator's tool kit. It provides investigators an insight into the suspect's perspective by actually seeing the user's desktop, settings and user environment. Screen captures from the suspect's ‎environment add significant weight to the forensic report when describing how the suspect utilized the computer to facilitate the crime. VFC is truly a tool that I rely upon and use in all my computer investigations!”

  • “"Your assistance and eDiscovery package was very useful, it enabled me to fully review all the documents from the computers and was made available to the defence during the service of the papers."”

  • “Leader of international drug and money laundering ring jailed for 27 years. Judge praises police for putting together such a complex piece of work so comprehensively. ”

  • “"Working with MD5 is an Absolute Pleasure."”

  • “"Data received, with relief! Thanks for your efficient service and clear communication throughout."”

  • “"Juries get stuck looking at our technical printouts and reports. Instead, we booted the image using VFC with judge, jury and everyone else in the court room. It was clear to see what had really happened."”

  • “"VFC - A great product of real use as a forensic examiner."”

  • “"I was very satisfied with MD5's performance in relation to the recent eDisclosure exercise with which they assisted."”

  • “"MD5 were able to extract vital contact details from a severely fire damaged phone this proved extremely important in identifying who the phone belonged to."”

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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus We received a Samsung, Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, SM-G928F to obtain communication between suspects of an attempted murder case but the device was protected by a pattern Lock that the defendant would not give up. An Advanced Chip Removal method specifically for this Samsung Galaxy Series, pioneered at MD5 Ltd, […]

We were asked to show the provenance of a Prohibited Image file found on a HTC Mobile Phone handset. The file was a cached embedded file, shown to be not accessible by the user. No data was stored with the image, unique HEX data was taken from the parent file and searched through the physical […]

Samsung Galaxy S6, S6 Edge, S7, S7 Edge Series   MD5 offer an Advanced Chip Removal method specifically for this Samsung Galaxy Series. This series of handsets contain the new UFS chip set, which cannot be read with traditional chip readers. We have developed new procedures, techniques with specialist equipment to proceed a full physical […]

We have successfully examined an XBOX 360e and extracted the Internet history and search terms which provided vital evidence in the case. We were told that this could not be done but by extensive research and development, one of our very skilled analysts was able to obtain the files and then extract all the Internet […]

Has your iPhone been hacked? We are able to determine if Spyware has been installed on your iPhone and is running silently in the background, without your knowledge, allowing someone to view all your data!